"Genevieve worked beside me to remove the clutter,
leaving only peace and joy to fill our home!
I highly recommend her services!"

- Katy

Clutter-free coffee for the Comptons

No more scrambling for that favorite mug! We created a coffee station for this busy family with their beloved Keurig and coffee pods. Their collection of vintage Starbucks mugs is now at the ready for the working mom, dad, and two sons.

We organized the kitchen cabinets, including rounding storage containers up in baskets and keeping only the mixing bowls that get used. The Comptons were so energized, they did the pantry and upper cabinets on their own. Professional organizing also revealed a few needs. For example, tossing out battered cookie sheets allowed them to get fresh new ones.

After organizing, the coffee station (upper left) and reorganized lower kitchen cabinets.

Time frame: One-session professional organizing project - All kitchen counter spaces and lower cabinets.

professional organizing services

Professional organizing saves craft room

Retired teacher Janet had closets full of crafts. Items for her Etsy vintage shop, materials for watercolor painting, yarn, and more filled the shelves and overflowed around the desk. We tackled one craft at a time, deciding which items to keep, toss, and donate. Then the room was organized by zones, each for a specific craft. Within craft zones, we organized items by category, such as paper, canvas, and sketch pads in the art zone.

The last step was helping Janet enjoy her space by displaying some completed paintings and art books on the shelves.

Before: upper left. After: upper right, lower left and right.

Time frame: This was a multi-session project.